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Work: Producer on Skills Development Scotland 'More to School' campaign

Skills Development Scotland wanted to promote the variety of apprenticeships available to school students and show how a Foundation Apprenticeship can run alongside school work, as well as opening doors to college, university and employment.​

Sunlight and clapperboard: we got fortunate to get great light during our second day of filming.

Ola Bak's creative solution uses match cuts to juxtapose seamlessly from the (genuine) apprentices featured in the advert being shown in their school environment, then in their work placement environment. From a production standpoint, this necessitated a 2-day location shoot at a high school, construction site, and two city centre offices.

The four locations were dictated by the Foundation Apprentices filmed for the advert - they are the High School and work environments that the featured students are based at presently.

The 60” CLC - featuring a narrative shaped from an audio interview with a teacher involved in the Foundation Apprenticeship scheme - is the focus of the campaign, and can be viewed at the Vimeo link below:

Additionally, a 30” cutdown will run on C4 and Sky and still imagery that our we captured during the shoot is going to run in the Daily Record and across the client's social media. As part of the campaign deliverables, I also produced radio adverts that will run across Global and community radio stations, as well as vox pops for social media usage.

Special mention to Carlo D'Alessandro’s camera work, Ben Mckinstrie's editing and Ola's direction of the project. It was an exciting project to produce due to the moving parts, the different strands of deliverables.

An STV Creative advert. Producer: William Leitch; Director: Ola Bak; DoP: Carlo D’Alessandro; Editor: Ben Mckinstrie; 1st AC: Sefa Ucbas; 2nd AC: Bartek Kloc; Gaffer: John Sturt; Graphic Designer: Zoe Perry; Stills Photographer: Matt Marcus; Sound Dub: Cy Jack; VO: Laura Howarth​

The 30" cutdown of the advert can be viewed at the below Vimeo link:

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