• William Leitch

Work: Producer on Glasgow City Council campaign

I'm excited to share this 30" TV advert I produced as part of Glasgow City Council's Spaces for People campaign. The campaign raised awareness of temporary road measures that were introduced to aid social distancing and safe travelling to work.

We needed to provide a clear, reassuring message to the public. The client had a number of additional objectives, such as promoting cycling and walking as convenient, safe ways to commute to work and to shops.

Our solution was to use a graphic design style entailing illustration then brought to life by an animator. The style and tone is reflective of a diverse city opening back up, and we included different types of age-groups and travel means to cover Council and partner organisations target markets for the campaign.

Full campaign deliverables included a suite of x3 adverts for TV, social media versions, radio adverts, digital designs for social advertising spots, nextbike advert design, outdoor poster designs and newspaper wraps.


Exec Producer: Victoria Allison

Producer: Will Leitch

Creative: Kenny MacKay

Illustrator: Sophie Powell-Hall

Animator: Donna McAvoy

Graphics: Graham Anderson

Sound: Donald Macleod

Voiceover: Lloyd Fay

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