• William Leitch

Work: Production Coordinator on Scottish Children's Lottery campaign

60 extras, 40 crew, confetti, fire-breathing... this was a very fun project and I was proud to be part of the team helping this advert to screen. My role was to support Producer Abigail McCormack and Production Manager Colette Magee from pre-production through to paperwork tidy-ups after TX.

My behind-the-scenes shot as the big finale is captured.

Everyone was great to work with and Director Oscar Sansom's visual flair is very apparent in the end results. The advert is on very heavy rotation still at time of writing (late November) having debuted 2 months ago. My responsibilities on the advert included:

- Contacting crew to discuss availability, rates and information on the project.

- Attending tech recce and the location shoot to provide production support.

- Liaising with casting agencies.

- Collating and managing a paperwork such as chosen cast, petty cash reconciliation, email trails etc.

The advert can be viewed at the link below:

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