• William Leitch

Work: Producer on Loganair - For Every Journey campaign

There was a lot of moving parts with this shoot for Loganair; the production involved filming on location at two airports, an air hanger and with child cast members.

Lighting the stationary plane inside the Loganair hangar.

The client was a pleasure to work with and we had a great shoot crew, with Director of Photography Carlo D’Alessandro capturing the personable mood that we were looking for from the visuals. It was an exciting collaboration to bring this project to life and the finished result is running on STV as well as social media (both in the UK and across parts of Europe).

My responsibilities on the advert included:

- Contacting crew to discuss availability, rates and information on the project.

- Tech recce and the location shoot support.

- Liaising/arranging location permissions.

- Liaising with casting agencies.

- Collating and managing a paperwork such as chosen cast, petty cash reconciliation, email trails etc.

- In post, overseeing edit, grade and sound design work.

The advert can be viewed at the link below:

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