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Work: Producer on Western Toyota 'Funk' hybrid vehicle campaign

This advert for Western Toyota's range of hybrid vehicles was an exciting project to work on. The client was looking for an updated version of a 2012 advert for their hybrid vehicles that had performed very well at that time. This 30" ad runs on STV to coincide with the new licence plates coming onto the market. Creatively, it focuses on features new to the models that were unavailable 6 years ago.

Our focus during shooting was to control the reflections from the car bodywork.

This ad was a great team effort but special mention to DoP Andy Brown and 1st AC Stu Gray, who worked miracles to control the reflections from the cars, to ensure a polished final result. The large amount of shots we had to work from, coupled with a driving (pun-intended) music track, gives a momentum to the final edit that we were looking for, alongside bright colours and graphics.

The final result can be viewed at the Vimeo link below. Production credits for this project are an STV Creative advert. Producer: William Leitch; Director: Kenny MacKay; DoP: Andy Brown; 1st AC: Stu Gray; Gaffer: Stewart Torley; Editor: Geri Toth.

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